A force de tirer les prix vers le bas …

315 x served & 22 x viewed

« Pendant que les chefs aux US se prennent des stocks options, les prix des développeurs est toujours plus bas …. » Misère.

Article à lire : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-28/boeing-s-737-max-software-outsourced-to-9-an-hour-engineers .

Increasingly, the iconic American planemaker and its subcontractors have relied on temporary workers making as little as #ff0000;">$9 an hour to developand test software, often from countries lacking a deep background in aerospace — notably India.

“I was shocked that in a room full of a couple hundred mostly senior engineers we were being told that we weren’t needed,” said Rabin, who was laid off in 2015.


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